Skills you'll learn

  • Sales conversations

    Financial planning is like the Antique Roadshow: it's real value but people don't realize it at first. That's why you'll learn how to sell an intangible service, the ethical way

  • FP-Presenting

    Traditional financial planning means sending a plan and discussing it. The modern way is about interactive financial planning using software in your conversations. You'll learn the proven step by step method while saving about 70% of your time on the whole process

  • Engagement

    You'll learn how to outsmart any (digital) competitor by using your people skills to empathize, open people's mind, and get people to think about themselves and their financial future

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Module 1
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    • The Introduction
    • #1: The 3 Basic Commandments of Super Effective Conversations
    • #2.1: Defining Good and Bad Financial Planning Conversations
    • #2.2: More Learnings (Backed by Science)
    • #3: OVERVIEW of Conversation with Results
    • #4.1: Here's How You Want Your Clients to FEEL (It's Underrated)
    • #4.2: More Learnings (Backed by Science)
    • #5.1: The Unexpected Ratio: 80% Listening vs 20% Talking
    • #5.2: More Learnings (Backed by Science)
    • #6: Do NOT Talk About The FP-Details (and What to Do Instead)
  • 02
    Module 2 - The Introductory Meeting
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    • #1: Why About 90% of My Prospects Become Real Clients
    • #2: You Do Not, I Repeat, You Do Not, EXPLAIN Financial Planning
    • #3.1: Aren't People Sharing Their Secrets? NO PROBLEM.
    • #3.2: Here's a PDF to Help You With Alternative Questions
    • #4.1: How to Make Prospects SEE You Care About Them
    • #4.2: More Learnings (Backed by Science)
    • #5.1: Why Your Conversations Needs a Little Pizazz
    • #5.2: More learnings (Backed by Science)
    • #6: Why You Should NOT Give Financial Advice to Prospects
    • #7: The Four-Letter Word That Almost Every CFP®-er Hates
    • #8.1: How to Overcome People's Secret Financial Planning Objections
    • #8.2: 71 Secret Objections Examples from Real CFP®-ers Worldwide
    • #8.3: How to Remove the "I Don't Know The Big Benefit of FP-Objection"
    • #9: How to Overcome the Pricing Problem by Asking this Simple Question
    • #10.1 - How to Explain the Financial Planning Process (the Engaging Way)
    • #10.2: FREE EBOOK: Why 97% of Your Clients Don't Have Financial Goals
    • #11: The FBI-Negotiators' Tactic to Deal With "No"
    • #12: The Prerequisites for Saving 70% of Your Time on the Financial Planning Process
    • #13: Here's the Reason You Should Not Have One Financial Planning Price
    • #14: Mirroring: The Almost Laughably Simple Words Your Prospects Want to Hear You Say
    • #15: Labeling: The Shortcut to Prospect-Intimacy
    • #16: The Sweetest Two Words in ANY Financial Planning Conversation
    • #17: The F-word: Why it's so powerful, when to use it, and how
    • #18: The Analyst, The Accomodator and The Assertive; Which Type is YOUR Client?
    • #18.2 How to Identify Your Type of Client [pdf]
    • #19 How to Sell Financial Planning (without really selling it)
  • 03
    Module 3 - The Intake Conversation
    Show details
    • #1: How to Start the Intake Conversation
    • #2: The Start of the Most Epic Prospect and Client Conversation
    • #3: The Financial Goals Conversation Outlined
    • #4: This Will Get You Clients for LIFE
    • #5 Here Are 10 Reasons People WANT Financial Planning
    • #6 The Easy Way to Get People's Financial Goals 100% Concrete
    • #7 The Spending Goal Conversation - How to be Brutally Honest
    • #8 How to Deal with ROI
  • 04
    Module 4 - Presenting the financial plan
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    • #1 Introduction: Interactive Financial Planning
  • 05
    Module 5 - Monitoring the financial plan
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    • Lessons coming soon

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  • Community

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    Enjoy the benefits of learning and engaging with other financial planners. The platform gives you a safe place to connect with peers from all over the world

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