Skills you'll learn

  • Conversion

    We don’t just do blogging for the sake of getting noticed. Our powerful blogging strategy is crafted for the best possible conversions, by engaging, connecting and giving value in a way which is quite different than traditional financial planning blogging.

  • Personal

    You have something to say and want your words to go out into the world to teach and inspire the generations to come. That's whey ee believe that blogging isn't just about putting content out there. We believe the world needs your bold ideas and brave words. Always remember that.

  • Remarkable

    Being unique and remarkable makes you stand out. Here's the secret: You have to put yourself out there, stand up for what you believe in, and be unafraid to ruffle some feathers. We'll teach you how to do it.

Course curriculum

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    • Lesson #1: Why Blogging Gets You Financial Planning Clients
    • Lesson #2: The Financial Planning Blogging Strategy That Actually Works
    • Lesson #3: Here's Proof of a Financial Planning Blog that Your Target Audience Will Love
    • More lessons coming soon

Financial Planning Blogging Mastercourse

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“Ronald is a true king of marketing financial planning services. I've built my brand new virtual financial planning service, based on his advice. He deserves all the credits for my new venture.”

Hemant Beniwal, CFP®

“Smart Financial Planner has been the best platform I've ever bought, and it just keeps on giving. Incredible materials and community, and it has helped me gain incredibly valuable insight into how to reach the audience I seek to serve.”

Glenn Pitt

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