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“Smart Financial Planner has been the best platform I've ever bought, and it just keeps on giving. Incredible materials and community, and it has helped me gain incredibly valuable insight into how to reach the audience I seek to serve.”

Glenn Pitt, CFP®

“I have spent a lot of time and money going to coaching sessions and seminars on how to provide real financial planning, but this platform exceeds anything I've experienced so far. It's exactly what is needed to help people like me succeed in our mission to provide real financial planning! ”

Joe Pearce, CFP®

“Smart Financial Planner provides the tools and the confidence to go forward and provide real financial planning clients are looking for. Its the first time I've seen anything like it during 25+ years as a financial planner.”

David Haseldine, DFP


  • What is Smart Financial Planner?

    Founded in 2017 by financial planner and entrepreneur Ronald Sier, Smart Financial Planner is an intensive online learning platform designed to help financial planners level up. It challenges financial planners to learn to see differently, to make better decisions and to engage and connect. It's designed to: * Get clients, gain market share, and serve your audience * Position your service so that it is truly outstanding * Clearly see opportunities to create value in the marketplace * Develop a worthwhile financial planning service your audience will talk about * Communicate in ways that resonate and spread * Save money, save time, and grow your tribe * Understand the massive shifts from old marketing to the world we live in today

  • Why should I join this platform instead of hiring a coach or invest in other courses?

    In our experience, coaches can get very expensive. They usually charge a $200 hourly fee (minimum price) or more. But that's ok if it adds value. The thing is, that the stuff you'll learn will fade. That's why we believe it's far more valuable that you have a place where all the value is here to stay. We don't know any financial planning platform who does that.

  • How does the $9 offer work exactly?

    You'll be billed $9 for the first month and $59/month onwards. After 25 days we'll send you an email to let you know that you're approaching the end of the first month so that you can decide if you want to stay or not.

  • Who is the ideal Smart Financial Planner candidate?

    It's for financial planners (not product sellers) who want to make a difference, grow their business while being meaningful along with it. It’s for financial planners who want to sharpen their strategic thinking and add more skills to their toolbox.

  • What happens when I pay?

    On the payment-page, you'll be asked to place your order and you'll be billed $9 for the first month, and $59/month onwards. After clicking you'll have instant access so that you're good to go. You'll also get an email with the login link and some directions. Oh, and by the way, your creditcard data are 100% safe with us.

  • What if I want to cancel?

    Easy. Inside the platform, you can cancel with two simple clicks in the account section. We'll end your subscription immediately and you won't be billed anymore.

  • How does the 60-day-for-free-offer work exactly?

    You won't be billed the first two months and $59/month onwards. However, after 55 days we'll send you several emails to let you know that you're approaching the end of the free period so that you can decide if you want to stay or not.

  • What does Smart Financial Planner stand for?

    It might stand for a remarkable method for becoming meaningful… But what we truly stand for is the posture of taking responsibility for a financial planning service that matters to people: your prospects and clients. We stand for the importance of people skills in the ever-growing technical financial planning space. We stand for you, in the future, making a difference.

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  • 91%: Easy to use

    We're using Thinkific, a platform that is trusted by more than 25,000 course creators because its user-friendly format which is optimized for every platform and device.

  • 81%: Remarkable

    Most of our members did not hear of our client-centric strategies and tactics. Most of them value our people-based, yet, online strategies and tactics we share.

  • 100%: Actionable

    Every member says they can apply the lessons to their day-to-day business as a financial planner immediately.

Bonus material

There's more than just courses inside the platform

  • Ebook

    Get access to our ebook: Why 97% of Your Clients Don't Have Financial Goals (and What To Do About It)

  • Community

    Enjoy the benefits of learning and engaging with other financial planners. The platform gives you a safe place to connect with peers from all over the world

  • Coaching calls

    Monthly coaching calls where we give answers to your most important and urgent questions, problems and challenges

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